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Graphic design doesn’t stand apart from web design. It is integral to it. Our team are chosen because they are creative people who love designing stuff. We are all artists at heart, which is why we love working in the field that we do.

If you are in the market for a new website and have spoken to a few developers without much success, think again. You should have a chat with a team of quirky designers who understand that a website goes beyond the HTML coding. The exciting thing about contemporary digital design are the huge possibilities opened up by new programming languages, something we have enjoyed grasping with both hands. Design codes such as CSS3 allow web artists free reign to create fantastic graphics that are directly integrated with your website. This removes the need to burden your website with cumbersome image files, which play havoc with the website layout on smaller screen sizes and slow down your site’s overall load time.

Your online identity is a combination of many things; your colour branding, your logo, the fonts you use and the original graphics you display on your site.

All of these different elements work together to make a powerful impression on your customers and website visitors. Carefully chosen graphic elements give your website a lease of life that can’t be achieved through mere coding. Without due attention being paid to each individual design element, the whole feel of your website risks falling flat.
Ritzy Events Company Ritzy Events Company

The brief here was to aid in the production of brand new company name, logo and a set of communication materials.

Compass Design & Build Compass Design & Build

Compass Design & Build was a quick and simple bespoke development, which does exactly what the client required it to do. In the first instance we had to establish the newly designed branding to set the look. We then went ahead and established the functionality required, case studies with individual galleries for each and a contact […]

LockDown Radio LockDown Radio

LockDown radio is a local community radio station based in South London, but who also broadcast out, to the entire world via their internet radio station.

Ava Golding Jazz Singer Ava Golding Jazz Singer

Ava Golding is well known jazz singer who required a personal page to market her services. The limited budget that we had allowed us to use a single page WordPress template theme and alter it to make it look bespoke and branded to Ava’s taste. The end result is a very simple to use parallax based theme […]

Caffe Fratelli Caffe Fratelli

This was an interesting project for us. We initially built Fratelli’s website about five years ago and then a redesign a few years later to reflect how the business had expanded. We were then approached again to help design some print and exhibition work for them to reflect their branding. The branding of the Caffé […]

Flip ‘n Grill Flip ‘n Grill

This was a big branding project we where hired to perform for a local startup, deliverables included signage, shopfront and a multitude of flyers not included here. We also arranged for a photoshoot that was directed by our creative director on site at Flip ‘N Grill. The concept was a strong idea with a unique […]

Westminster Financial Planners Westminster Financial Planners

We where contacted by Mike Beckwith the Managing Director at Westminster Financial Planners. They wanted to create a quarterly newsletter sheet that got sent out to all their clients. Telling them about news in the industry while at the same time soft selling new services and or upselling services. Financial Planners don’t have a reputation […]

HCB Enforcements HCB Enforcements

HCB Enforcements came to us asking for branding and stationery to go alongside it. We found that a stamp like look felt quite authorative and we ended up with something they really liked and we where very proud of. HCB Enforcements Branding Compliment slip Business Card Letterheads A happy customer often comes back A very […]

Glenlyn Guest House Glenlyn Guest House

Glenlyn Guest House a local guest house to Woodside Park approached us wanting help to rebrand their establishment after their designation on AA had changed from Hostel to Guest House. We where of course more than happy to help them out. We have had a strong relationship with Paul the owner ever since back in […]

Vero Caffe Vero Caffe

Vero Caffe our first local coffee shop, asked for help with branding their new shop on the parade across the road from us. After helping with that we have had a long productive relationship spanning the better part of  8 years now. They have in the meantime opened up shops in 3 more locations and […]

Back2 Catalogue Back2 Catalogue

We have been working with Back2 for many years helping them with their ecommerce site. When they needed a new catalogue for print they came to us and asked if that was something we could also help with. Of course we where more than happy to help, first by designing the artwork and later down […]

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